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03. Intellectual Property

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As an inventor, you have a right to register for a patent in order to prevent others from using, selling, or importing your idea without your consent. I can help you with patent law anywhere in the United States. The number one goal of my firm is to protect your intellectual property.

Once you’ve filed for a patent, you can use the term “patent pending” to show that your invention is your intellectual property. A patent attorney can help you file for this critical protection and make sure it’s properly enforced. 

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Get Assistance Filing, Analyzing, and Settling Patent Disputes


Your brand’s name, logo and icons, slogan, advertisements, and related items are an important part of who you are and how your sponsors, investors, and customers perceive you. If someone applies your brand to an inferior product or service or misuses it in any way, it will have a negative effect on your reputation.

I understand that how you sell your product is just as important as the quality of your product. That's why I offer trademark law services in Florida and Georgia. If someone else is stealing your voice or presentation, it can be hard to distinguish the authenticity of your brand. This can have lasting effects on your business. But you can safeguard against underhanded profiteers with a registered trademark.

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