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05. Civil Litigation

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Real Estate

We understand that hardships cause homeowners to miss mortgage payments. We are here to get them back on track and keep the bank from taking advantage of them. 

  • Loan modifications

  • Short sale

  • Trial defense

Foreclosure Defense

We represent both landlord and tenant regarding eviction disputes. 

  • Unlawful detainer

  • Ejectment

  • Standard eviction


We can assist in all aspects of the title closing regarding the purchase or sale of a property.

Title Closings

We can assist in reviewing purchase contract agreements for the buying and selling of property.

Purchase Contract Law

We represent homeowners in disputes with their HOA. This can range from assessment disputes to covenant violations. 

  • Pre-suit mediation demands

  • Selective enforcement

  • HOA litigation defense

  • Past assessment resolution

  • Covenant violation disputes

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HOA Litigation

Consumer debt protection

We understand that people may go through hardships in their lives that cause them to be unable to afford to pay their bills. This doesn’t mean that a debt collector should bully them. As such, we offer consumer debt relief through various means. 

  • Credit/debt litigation

  • Debt resolution

  • Bankruptcy (7 & 13)

  • FDCPA/FCCPA Litigation


Contacts can be confusing and lengthy. They are also filled with terms that could be hard to understand for someone who isn’t trained in law. As such, we can offer the following: 

  • Contract review

  • Contract litigation

  • Contract enforcement

  • Specific performance actions

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 31 Years of Accumulated Practice

Attorney Brandon Stewart: 11 on a Scale of 1 to 10!

You may be reading this review because you now find yourself ─ much like me ─ facing a foreclosure lawsuit through no fault of your own. Attorney Brandon Stewart does not subscribe to flawed legal theories. Brandon is a fearless and tireless bulwark for beleaguered homeowners like you and me. Through the legal process known as discovery, Brandon forces the foreclosing party to PROVE that it owns the loan outright (i.e., has “standing” to file the lawsuit). The plaintiff must also PROVE that it fulfilled all required state procedures prior to filing the lawsuit. For my case, Brandon diligently and tenaciously read ─ and re-read ─ each and every word of the plaintiff’s complaint to ensure that the bank or servicer did not make any serious or “fatal” errors when processing or handling the loan. (It happens more often than you may think, and it can potentially result in a dismissal of the lawsuit without prejudice.)

Discovery can ultimately be the plaintiff’s kryptonite --- and Brandon knows how to use it to YOUR advantage! In addition to being an intrepid and fiercely resolute advocate for distressed consumers and homeowners, Brandon is most accessible and responsive to his clients’ needs. In the years he has represented me, he has welcomed all inquiries regarding my case and consistently responds to my e-mails within a day, if not the very same day. 

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