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Boutique Law Firm. Superior Legal Quality.

If you are seeking professional representation in Florida to handle civil litigation, family law, personal injury, criminal defense, intellectual property, or HOA disputes, look no further than Stewart Legal, PLLC. Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling critical legal matters in both state and federal courts.


Our Vision

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Stewart Legal is dedicated to helping clients with their legal endeavors and bringing a swift and pragmatic resolution. Whether it be defending the rights of clients, or enforcing the rights of clients, Stewart Legal is here to relieve the burden of clients navigating the legal field on their own. 

Brandon J. Stewart, Esq.

Founder & Managing Partner

Mr. Stewart grew up in the Central Florida area and attended Winter Springs High School, in Seminole County, Florida.  After graduation from high school in 2006, Mr. Stewart attended Florida State University where he originally majored in business before realizing that he wanted to focus more on the area of law and switched to Political Science.  Mr. Stewart was inspired by his father, who is a patent attorney.  After graduating Florida State University with his Bachelor’s degree, Mr. Stewart enrolled in John Marshall School of Law in Atlanta, GA where he attended his 1L year and was able to acquaint himself with the city of Atlanta.  After his 1L year, Mr. Stewart decided it was time to move back to the Central Florida area and enrolled in Barry University School of Law in Orlando to finish his 2L and 3L year.  Upon graduation and subsequent passing of the Florida Bar, Mr. Stewart worked for a boutique law firm and spent a majority of his practice in the civil litigation realm, defending a wide range of clients from consumers and homeowners’ to husbands and wives and accident victims.  Since then, Mr. Stewart has expanded his practice into the criminal field as well, where he has had ample success.  Mr. Stewart has the trial experience necessary to properly analyze your legal needs and come up with a reasonable strategy that makes sense to the client.  Growing up and practicing law in the central Florida area has given Mr. Stewart the experience needed to familiarize himself with the Central Florida legal environment as he hopes he can give back to the community that was so integral to his upbringing.

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Our Team

Law is order, and good law is good order.



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We are committed to honesty and transparency with our clients. We have strong moral principles in our legal endeavors and have high standards for the results that we deliver.

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